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How Important Is The Role Of An Interior Designer?

Getting a condominium or house ready for a design  project involves more than just hiring a contractor. The help of a designer is important.

A Designer who is an expert in the field has access to many sources, not available to the public and will help with the selections of materials, textures, lighting, furniture, and accessories. Interior designers will save you time, money and efforts.

A good designer will choose the right showrooms for your project and sorted through all the options before submitting you with samples.

A favorite destination for Design Professionals:
Established in 1971 by the late Henry Adams, the San Francisco Designer Center
( SFDC) is a “Mecca” for fine home furnishings, bath and kitchen designs, high end textiles from all over the world, unique window coverings and beautiful accessories.
It is also a great source for floor coverings and includes several showrooms that specialize in tiles, carpet and hardwood floors.

With many showrooms  the SFDC remains even during this economy, a leading destination for interior designers and related industry professionals and the public is welcome.

The  great showrooms makes it difficult to list them all.
Here are a few you could check:

Kneedler Fauchere , Kravet, Randolph and HeinShears and Windows.

For the rest you just may have to go and see for yourself and give a qualified interior designer a try.

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