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Understanding Your Colors

Today colors seem to be categorized in eight specific groups based on consumer needs and desires in both style and color.

1. Colors of the past:
This group of colors provide a link to our childhood and  past:
– Muted and soft blue greens:  (often Enhanced by wall hangings such as French tapestries with blues or greens or elegant ornate Gold and Champagne hues found on wood finishes and mirrors).

2. High Profile:
These colors have managed to survive the fads:
– Pure white, ebony black, deep browns, silvery grays, accented by reddish tones, rich purple and glimmering gold and frosted silver.

3. Ethnic:
Urban ‘nomads’ according to Leatrice Eiseman (Color Guru) wander the world looking for the styling and color language of another culture that speaks to them… 
– Deep purple, misted yellow, stone grays, burnt orange, vibrant blue and brunette browns.

4. Asian touch:
A style of ornate art suggesting the Chinese tradition:
–  Violet with muted lime or green, cameo pink or peach and hushed greens with traditional antiqued Chinese red.

5.  Rustic:
Speaks of the country, nature and Green and Eco friendly
– Browns, soft greens and golden yellows.

6.Wellness and the Sea
Soothing, calming and purifying: water and the earth
Blues and aquas, undersea green, iridescent hues and mother of pearl.

7. Tasty
Whimsical hues mostly used in Kitchens and Family rooms:
Tasty blends of sugar pink, chocolate brown, daiquiri green, and orange.

8.  Pairing:
Classic combination and pairing of colors:
Rose and brown, blue and brown, yellow and green, green and bronze, purple and beige, Black and taupe, gold and silver, black and white, red and black

The big question what do colors represent to us?

Most of us want more than a beautiful palette adorning our walls and living space.

  • Colors should represent a reflection of  who  we are.
  • We should “feel” our colors and “connect” with them to bring us inner peace and comfort.

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