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2015 Color Forecast

By Sophie Azouaou

Just recently, I was at the Las Vegas Market and Design Convention, and attended a seminar on Color Trends. Jackie Jordan, forecaster and director of color marketing services for Sherwin-Williams, honed in on hues.

She divided the colors in 4 categories – rooted, simplicity, treasured and refreshed.

ROOTED -The tribal aesthetic is finding its way into contemporary interiors. “These colors are rich and earthy with a hint of mystery. The deep teal waters of the vast coastline influences our color forecast,” says Jordan.

Aubergine: is a blackened aubergine (eggplant) that speaks to antiquity and treasures

Gold: it is organically and earthy gold

Teal: it symbolizes the deepest of teals. This color speaks of darkened tidal pools and the sea.

Red: an heirloom red but not too bold.

Mohave: it speaks of desert landscapes and the Sahara.

Gray: a deep gray hue that carries its own weight with proud.

SIMPLICITY -”Simplicity is the new sophistication and less is clearly the new more,” says Jordan. “The hues are calm, subtle and nuanced with undertones that shift according to their surroundings, for easy versatility,” she adds. It is the Ultimate. The colors are artful. The undertones will shift with the surroundings.

Yellow: it is soft and cream. It will bring you warmth.

White: this white is very versatile; it has the potential to be a showoff and can also have and understated presence.

Violet: a mysterious hue, it is almost veiled and dusky.

Gray: this gray has blue undertones, and is cool and sophisticated.

TREASURED – “From flea-market finds to artisan-made pieces, imperfection can lend rich character to our environments,” she mentions. “The palette reflects the beauty of natural aging, mellowing and weathering, evoking quality materials that have stood the test of time and become heirlooms,” she adds.

Yellow: it is soft yellow is a main part of this trend. This is not last year’s bright yellow, but instead a yellow that is worn, almost weathered

Yellowed: agolden hue, which reminds us of faded and yellowed wax paper and of objects that stood the test of time.

Green: a patina green of some sort. We can now see on window frames, shutters, doors and tiles. It is the new look of green.

Coral: it is found on Hawaian textiles, oxidized coppers, artistic ethnic mosaic and  tiles.

REFRESHED – These colors are juicy, they evocate vacations, floral blossoms,Mother Nature and gardens. “This trend embodies a return to the hip, fun and sure-to-inspire ’60’s vintage. Spring flowers refresh our winter blues with hope for warmth and sunshine. Look for yellow, coral, violet, blue and green as well as butterfly colors and patterns”, says Jordan.

Yellow-orange: it is just like a gerbera daisy in a garden, it will certainly lift your spirits.

Green:this hue isfresh and crisp, this gregarious green can stand alone but it will add life to any accessories.

Coral: a perky and bright coral which is almost comical, and so cheerful!

Yellow: it is not overly bright, but not dull either. It is optimistic, and reminds us of summertime cool lemonade.

Violet: it is vigorous, vivacious and youthful.

Blue: A gem in the true sense of the word. It is a brilliant blue and speaks of seaside and the sky.

I hope all these new colors will lift your spirits, and help you realize that beauty is all around us. We just have to take the time to look. Happy coloring!

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