Sophie's passion is unparallel !

Her commitment and devotion to her philanthropic work knows no measure or bound--she is a force to be reckoned with.

I have collaborated with her on many amazing projects, and have had the honor to cover her commendable work.
I am always moved by her commitment, her passion and her tireless efforts.

~Jessica Aguirre
NBC-BAY AREA News Anchor

Sophie in the streets of San Francisco: Meals on Heels - Stories from the Streets 2010. Meals on Heels is a Ministry of the San Francisco Lighthouse Church

Touching Hearts TV Show

I have had the privilege to work with Sophie through her personal Philanthropic work, and her commitment to improving the lives of those that live in our City is nothing short of commendable.

~Mayor Gavin Newsom,
San Francisco

The San Francisco Sentinel has covered Sophie Azouaou for three years, finding her a remarkable new force in this City.

Azouaou has the clarity to conceptualize what works and what doesn’ t work in philanthropic effort to create social classes more fungible.

In doing so she has succeeded, where others have not, in drawing private and corporate philanthropists together in the spirit of ‘oh-yes-we-can’ camaraderie.

~Pat Murphy
Editor and Publisher The San Francisco Sentinel

I have learned from you Sophie and your beautiful giving ways.
Thank you for sharing with me.

~Beth Schnitzer,
Vice President Pier 39 San Francisco

Sophie.. People like you, make such a difference for families struggling to keep their head above water. Congratulations on the outstanding job you have done for this Community!

~Susan Gilmore
Executive Director North Bay Children's Center

YOU are an angel, Sophie! Remember that God wouldn't have given you this mission without also giving you the ability to accomplish it!

~Laura Rose: Founder and CEO
Change Starts at Home

Thank goodness for people like you who want to get the word out about
good works in our community.

It's a huge rush to be around your enthusiasm and passion - the nonprofit world needs you!!!

~Alexandra E. Morgan, CEO
Family House, Inc.

Thank you for your vision and leadership to help all these wonderful organizations during these turbulent times.

~Paul Holm
Chair Edgewood center for children and families

"Sophie, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done this year on behalf of the families, the Board of Directors and the staff of Raphael  House!
We hope you all have a joyous and blessed holiday season!"

~Angela Alessandroni - Corporate Secretary
Raphael House, San Francisco

As Chairman of Raphael House, I would like to applaud Sophie Azouaou for all her dynamic and relentless work in the non-profit arena. Her efforts are always genuine and are a welcome in today's world where making the connection between donors and charities are a strategic part of any non-profit organization. Sophie brings her contacts and energy in reaching the potential for every donor and matching it with non-profits who are in dire need of making it work. Sophie is a woman who makes things happen. I know that the success of "Touching Hearts" TV Show is only one heartbeat away.

-Claudia Ross, CEO Cross Marketing/Chairman
Raphael House

"I am pleased to extend and praise Sophie Azouaou as a champion of many causes. With her active involvement with Raphael House Shelter for the homeless, in San Francisco, she has worked tirelessly and has achieved overwhelming success in exposing and dramatically increasing donations from both small and large donors.
I consider Sophie a champion and a hero to the less fortunate here in San Francisco"

~Mark A. Calvano
Founder and CEO Berkshire Pacific Ventures

I wanted to extend myself to you and all of your efforts. 
We all have so much and if we come together great things can be achieved.

It was a blessing to meet you, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a beautiful heart!

~Christine Murolo De Pablo,
Common Wealth Management, San Francisco

I loved hosting an event Benefitting Raphael House Shelter with Sophie.

I did mean every word of my toast, she is the most giving person I have ever known, and I feel so blessed to have her as my friend

~Joel Goodrich,
Luxury Real Estate Agent, San Francisco

“Sophie brings honor to our ASP Designation."
I am so very proud of Sophie and all that she has accomplished.
I am grateful and thankful that she is an Accredited Staging Professional and greatly value her talent and dedication.
She has used Staging® to change the lives of so many!

~Barbara Schwartz,
The Creator of Home Staging and The IAHSP Association and Foundation

Dear Sophie,
Special thanks for the invite to the community luncheon at Rafael House, it was a pleasure to be in the company of such kind hearted humanitarians. In these difficult, uncertain times, we need to stay positive and keep our hearts loving. Good luck are a true inspiration. Thank you again!

~Dianne Yancey,

"Caring, compassionate, and devoted are some of the many words that best describe Sophie Azouaou's commitment to charity. She is an amazing woman who puts all of her heart and soul into everything that she's involved with and makes a positive impact with everyone she meets!"

~Patty Herrera
Director of Multicultural Initiatives, The Oakland Raiders

What you do for the Community is marvelous!

~Pamela Joyner, Philanthropist
Founding Partner, Avid Partners LLC
San Francisco, California

In the two years that I've known Sophie I have consistently been surprised by the ways she devotes her time to helping others, whether it's in big public fundraising efforts for homeless families, or just through quietly helping her friends and colleagues with their projects.   She has put her enthusiasm and intelligence to good use, and has set an example for me and for others who wish to improve the community.

~Damion Matthews,
Editor in Chief SF Luxe, Sotheby's International Realty
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