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Sophisticate Interiors donates time & resources to Citywatch Program

Citywatch, a collaboration with Benefit Magazine and CitiApartments gifting units to homeless and ill singles and families for $1:00 per year. Units designed by SophiSticate Interiors.

Tim Gaskin: owner of the San Francisco Benefit Magazine, Jessica Aguirre, anchor for abc7, John ( homeless) and his son, Sophie Azouaou far left.


A homeless father and small son awoke this morning to the warmth of their own studio apartment, secured through private philanthropy brainstormed barely two weeks ago.

Their annual lease is one dollar.

A haute couture designer decorated the studio with speed of a godsend which made her whole.

"I didn't sleep that night," reflected Sophie Azouaou, proprietor of Sophisticate Interiors, Friday night after John and namesake son moved in.

Sophie Azouaou caters to an upscale clientele which finds money no object, who donated to the project instantly when asked by Azouaou.

December 20, 2006 >>

Sophie Azouaou w/ 3 year old homeless little Elli.

Raphael House was recently given two studio units from CitiApartments. They are renting these apartments to Raphael House for $1 per year and we in turn are subletting them to two wonderful families!

Both families moved into these units last weekend and they are doing fantastic.

Sophie Azouaou, owner of SophiSticate Interiors, is a wonderful interior designer who lovingly furnished both rooms! She “adopted” Raphael House and took care of every detail in transforming the units into HOMES. She and her staff gave both rooms complete makeovers in less than two weeks! In addition to supplying all of the furniture and fixtures, she also stocked each room with toiletries, food, clothing, and Christmas presents.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing support and generosity of our supporters at Benefit Magazine), CitiApartments and SophiSticate Interiors. They have all been our Christmas Angels!

With many thanks,
Terri DiMartini, MSW and MS
Director of Children & Family Services
Raphael House

Thoughts from our viewers:

I read the article in the SF Sentinel about the homeless father and son and how you changed their lives. Thank you. Through your kindness and your actions you’ve made the world a better place and you have given John and little Johnny hope for tomorrow and a reason to dream. How lovely.  Happy Holidays.

A. Liebster, Corte Madera CA.

Thank you and the others who so generously donate to such good causes to help families.  I too will make a small monetary donation in memory of what would have been my future daughter-in-law. 
My daughter is interested in interior designing and is studying at SF State.  She would be blessed if she has a quarter of your success.  You have done some very beautiful work from what I can see. Good luck and continued success in the new year,
M. Catchatoorian, San Francisco, CA

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