Soft Bamboo Shade

Mixed grass weave
shade with light
filtering through

By Sophie Azouaou - © 2006 SophiSticate Interiors
Hills Newspaper / East Bay Daily news, Friday August 11, 2006

While I attended the 2006 Summer Market in Las Vegas it really was obvious that Green and Eco friendly products were on the rise. Furniture, window treatment, flooring and bedding companies are now Eco friendly oriented.

They offer a variety of organic products and materials to the consumer. Environmentally sustainable product design is getting a lot of attention. Green and Eco friendly design made a big entrance at the Las Vegas Summer Market. A wide range of consumer goods companies has understood that healthy manufacturing practices are more and more important.

Consumers are more health conscientious. As they look for organic food they search for Green and Eco friendly products to bring to their home. We live in an era where we want to protect the environment and live a longer and healthier life. A growing number of companies in residential furnishings are dedicated to Green and organic materials.

  • Many window treatment companies now use organic materials such as bamboo and grass weave for making shades.
  • Textile companies surprised all attendees at the Summer Market by introducing soft fabrics made with 100% bamboo, mixed grasses, bark and recycled materials.
  • European bedding companies use soybeans as a key component in their foam to make their mattresses. They also have a selection of blankets, bed spreads and down comforters that are eco friendly and that use organic feathers, wool and cashmere.
  • Commercial furniture leaders are offering furniture that have eliminated the use of toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde, an adhesive in furniture manufacturing and Polyurethane, a furniture sealant. They also avoid the use of paint stripper and wood preservatives.
  • Carpet and flooring companies are following the lead and offer now non toxic, non allergenic carpets such as wool carpet and bamboo floors to name a few. Eco friendly products have not reached the tipping point, yet big progress is being made.

The drawback remains the cost of such items. As it is more expensive to buy organic food it does cost more to purchase Eco friendly and chemical free products. Many consumers cannot afford these prices. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the Green generation and as with all new creations in the industry, prices will come down eventually. The demand will grow and the production costs will be lower. The goal should remain to protect our health and for all of us to live in healthier and safer homes.



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