Mirror chest wit
glass button knobs

Mirror nestling tables

Grey velvet sofa

Carousel Mirror box
with glass button

By Sophie Azouaou - © 2006 SophiSticate Interiors
Hills Newspaper / East Bay Daily news, Friday March 17, 2006

As you know Interior Decorating trends change all the time. After attending several seminars and furniture shows I would like to share with you this year’s trends.

Here are the 2006/ 2007 trends at a glance.

  •  Color: there is a definite cooling trend.
    • Blues and greens are reappearing.
    • We can see them in lighting, throws and decorative accessories.
    • Neutrals are coming back as the paint color of choice.
    • They come in pale beige, tans, mid tone camels and mochas.
    • They are often paired with grey.
    • Like neutrals, blues have not been a focus of décor for some time
  • Furniture: wood is big and plays an important part.
    • The top 3 materials are Mahagony, Walnut and Cherry woods.
    • We appreciate the grain more. Sometimes two woods are used together to bring more interest.
    • Rattan, bamboo, grass add an exotic touch to furniture that was never seen before.
    • There are also diamond patterns on dining room tables, coffee tables and consoles to name a few
    • Mirror furniture such as chests, nestling tables with jewelry inspired hardware is the trend.
    • Metallic is everywhere to be seen.
    • Brass is used in hardware and is often seen in feet of furniture such as end or coffee tables, consoles and sometimes dining room tables as well.
    • Antique reproduction and French country style furniture are out.
    • But the combination of wood with jewelry is making a statement.
    • You will see chests or commodes with glass or pearl knobs for example.
  • Fabric: glamour is the word.
    • Glamour fabrics feature velvet, silk Dupioni, brocade and fur.
    • Alone or mixed with other materials they make a statement on the bed, in the bathrooms and in accessories.
    • Bath towels, bed linens and tabletops have now velvet, metallic or even silk “appliqués”.
    • We can find hand loomed silk or Jacquard towels, beaded placemats, silk napkins and fur bed covers.
    • Curtains are made with silk and velvet as well as brocade.
    • Upholstery fabrics are richer:
    • Many textile companies such as “Nobilis”, “Dedar” ,” Glant” to name a few offer a range of different upholstery fabrics in silk, velvet and mohair.
  • Accessories: glamour is the word too.
    • Lampshades, duvet covers, accent pillows are made of fur, wool, cashmere, supple leather and boucle.
    • Everything that is plain, simple or big is no longer. Cold and modern is gone too.
    • Smaller is better. Elegant and rich is in.

Juvenile Trend:

  • The colors this year are in the pastels palette.
    • The pink for girls and blue for boys are out.
    • Lavender, lilac and yellow are the favorites and are used in girls’ as well as in boys’ rooms.
  • Furniture: Country reigns for the young ones.
    • Pine is huge in juvenile furniture and is the wood of choice this year.
    • Modern is no longer seen.
    • Romantic furniture for girls is reappearing.
    • Soft white is now a basic color for juvenile furniture. But it is challenged by red, blue and pink.
    • Dual usage and storage is a constant need for kid’s furniture so innovations are cropping up.
    • Drawers are at foot of beds instead of side of beds.
    • Space saving: as real estate prices keep going up, space saving has gained in popularity. Most young couples live in smaller apartments or homes and need more storage options:
    • Corner beds are making an entrance and are the trend too.
    • Open shelves replace drawers.
  • Fabric: there is more texture
    • There is a “mélange’ (mix) of textures, yarns, weaves and braids in the juvenile world of fabrics.
    • We can find more braided rugs for example.
    • For girls: sheer and satin fabrics are used for curtains.
    • Bed linens and duvet covers are more interesting. For both girls and boys patchwork and quilts play an important role.
  • Accessories: fun is the word.
    • Accessories are more fun and colorful.
    • Lined bamboo baskets, yellow or red metal buckets are used to store toys.
    • Lampshades, accent pillows and rugs are in many different shapes and colors.
    • Look for theme oriented lamps, pillows and rugs, such as baseball shaped table lamps or pillows, siren or sunflower shaped lamps and rugs and more.
    • For the younger ones: Star wars characters or Harry Potter pillows, duvet cover and bed linens are the trend.

All in all there is more creativity and innovations, therefore for you the consumer there are more choices and options.

Remember to select what is right for you!

As I always say: your house should be a reflection of you and who you are.

Happy Decorating!



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