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Color Guru Leatrice Eiseman brings the 2008 Color Forecast to the San Francisco Mart
By Sophie Azouaou
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Published on the SF Sentinel on October 8th, 2007

Leatrice Eiseman conducted a seminar on Future Color Trends at the San Francisco Mart. Attendees were comprised of Interior Designers, Architects and Trade Professionals. 

Roseann Carini, Director of the SF Mart introduced Leatrice Eiseman, featured speaker

Eismeman is a Color Specialist who has been called:” America’s Color Guru”.
Her expertise is recognized worldwide. She is the founder and director of the Eiseman center of the Pantone Color Institute. For over 25 years she has helped many companies, from small to large corporations and designers make the best and educated color choices for their product development, logos, web sites and Interior and Exterior Design.

Eiseman is also the author of 6 books on color among them:  “Colors For Your Every Mood” and  “The Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color”. She was named in the group of 50 top style makers two years in a row by Home Furnishings Now, the leading home furnishing trade publication.

She is a popular speaker on color at trade shows, retail venues, conventions and is widely quoted in publication such as Elle Décor, Home Magazine, House and Garden, to name a few. Her color selections for various industries have won numerous awards.

Leatrice Eiseman and Sophie Azouaou

In the Future Color trends seminar, Eiseman discussed the major challenge of satisfying clients’ more demanding needs and desires in color.
There is a practical need to connect to products they already own.
 Color is a critical factor in creating the mood, the atmosphere or ambience in a room or a house, Says Eiseman.

She categorized colors in eight groups based on consumers’ “more demanding perceived needs and desires in both styling and color…”

Provides a link to the past, while at the same time looks to the collectibles of the future… (Enhanced by tapestry blues, muted blue greens, elegant champagne and warm peachy tones)

High Profile:
Inspired by the stylish icons that have managed to survive the fads and foibles of the past…  (pristine white, ebony black, rich browns, silvery grays, accented by fuchsia, royal purple and glimmering gold and silver)

Ethnic Chic:
Urban nomads wander the world looking for the styling and color language of another culture that speaks to them…  (rich hues of deep purple, misted yellow, stone grays, while burnt orange is juxtaposed against vibrant blue and brunette browns)

A style of ornate art suggesting the Chinese tradition…  (quiet violet with muted lime, cameo pink and hushed greens with a traditional touch of antiqued Chinese red)

Reflects rural roots of hand crafted materials going in the direction of upscale rather than down-home…  (bruschetta browns, tender greens, warming golden yellows, with an accent of vibrant pink)

Cleansing, clarifying, and earth’s most precious commodity, aqua supports life…  (blues and aquas, effervescent undersea green, violet and indigo, undulating tones of mother of pearl)

To savor a time-out filled with deliciously exuberant, youthful and whimsical hues…  (tasty blends of chocolate and daiquiri green, with dollops of appetizing brights)

Classic, nature inspired hues…  ( rose paired with earthy browns or reddish plums highlighted with a green-tinged bronze tone)  

 The big question remains: what are clients looking for TODAY?
 According to Leatrice, clients want more than a mere matching process.
Yes, the aesthetic element is important and must be respected, as colors need to go with the style of the home, the furnishings, window coverings and floor coverings, but we have to move beyond that and as designers help them achieve that.

The first thing to keep in mind is that our personal reaction should not influence the last selection. We have to make the correct choices for our clients and should be tailored to their needs.

Yet the choice of color should accomplish more than that. There must be a “connection, a feel” that suits the clients’ personal comfort. Colors should not only be soothing and comforting but should also excite the imagination.  

Eiseman explained that as designers we should explore the psychological effect of colors. She introduced us to some of the new shades and combinations that will help create these important connections.

The seminar was educational, informative and met the audience need and interest level. 

For more info on go to: www.leatriceeiseman.com


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