Purple & Pink Heart Dress

Retro Tow-Tone Dress w/ Hat

Pink & White Top with
Lavender Mini Skirt

Gold Jeweled Dress
form Jason C. Peters

Candy Ruffle Swim Set form Jason C. Peters

"Rugged" Two-Piece Outfit
from Jason C. Peters

An evening of Fashion, benefiting  Project Open Hand in San Francisco
By Sophie Azouaou
- © 2007 SophiSticate Interiors
Photos by John Han

On Friday, March 30th, Inga Fisher manager of California Modern Arty Gallery (CMAG) hosted an evening of fashion event benefitting Project Open Hand

Inga Fisher (Owner of The California Modern Art
Gallery: CMAG) and Sophie Azouaou

Over one hundred Fashion and Art lovers and supporters of Project Open Hand attended the event.

Joel Goodrich, Dennis Flynn, Afsaneh Akhtari, Mark Calvano, Leslie Lum,
Nouri Azouaou, Sophie Azouaou, Anna Alioto, Paul Corso (Benefit Magazine)

California Modern Art Gallery is is co-managed by Risley Sams & Inga Fischer. 
Risley focuses on modern artists (1940-1970) and Fischer focuses on contemporary artworks (1970-present). The art they promote is reasonably priced. The Gallery is dedicated to promoting California artists.

To help the community and to further expose the artists, Sams and Fisher host many charity events  through out the year. Project Open Hand is one of them.
 In 1985 in San Francisco, Ruth Brinker, a retired grandmother, watched a dear friend die of AIDS. She realized that for many people with the disease, malnutrition was causing death as much as the illness.

Ruth asked friends to help and organized a kitchen at a local church and began to serve meals. Project Open hands was born! Project Open Hand provides food and nourishment to improve the quality of life for the men, women and children it serves.The program includes: meal, grocery and nutrition counseling for people with symptomatic HIV and AIDS

The event featured a VIP pre-fashion champagne reception, a silent auction and an art exhibition by Grammy award winning  Barry Mann and well known  artist Susan Berkowitz.

Guests, Dennis Flynn, Afsaneh Akhtari, Joel Goodrich, Mark Calvano

Anna Aliota and Eliot temple
Bahya Murad and Joel Goodrich

Guests were then led to the show venue to enjoy the one hour long fashion show, featuring  the latest collections by emerging SF Bay Area designers: Molly Rebuschatis, KAYO, Jasmin Zorlu, Jeremy Parr. Miss Velvet Cream, With Special Guest Designer: Jason Christopher Peters.

John Manual Peters, Fashion Designer Jason
Christopher Peters, Shirley Peters

A  soon to graduate from San Francisco State, Christopher Peters is San Francisco new emerging Star. His  gets his inspiration  from  Zac Posen and Betsy Johnson for whom he did an internship. “ I admire these designers, they are my inspiration” says Peters.“This show is very emotional for me, it is a tribute to my mother Dolores M. Peters who  recently passed away” adds Peters.

- The following  dresses are all from Special Guest Designer  Jason Christopher Peters’ new Collection:

Peach Sensation Summer
from Jason C. Peters
Black Dress w/ Butterfly Tulle Train from Jason C. Peters
Fun & Flirty Tunic Dress
from Jason C. Peters
Futuristic Wedding Gown
from Jason C. Peters

“This white wedding dress is a futuristic version of a wedding dress, my inspiration was my mother and Marilyn Monroe” comments Peters.

“The show is flirty, sexy and sophisticated”, mentions Christopher to his friends and guests.

Jason C. Peters w/ Mark Calvano and Joel Goodrich
Nouri and Sophie Azouaou, Jason C. Peters, Mark Calvano, Joel Goodrich

The collection was youthful, fun, vibrant and colorful.
It showed creativity, talent  and many promesses.
San Francisco is lucky to be the recipient of such amazing designers.
Jason Christopher Peters is definitely  “The” designer to watch, his love, dedication, flair not to forget  talent for fashion are reflected in his new collection.

For more info on Project Open Hand: www.openhand.org

To know more about the California Modern Art Gallery: www.calmodern.com


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