Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Sophie Azouaou, Linda Cannon, Sonia Lind

Sophie Azouaou, Linda Cannon (Co-Vice president SFCAPC), Sonia Lind

Elaine Lozano, Marcy Potter, Jeania Toney, Siddartha Shukla, Bilques Smith

Elaine Lozano,(YSL boutique manager); Marcy Potter, Jeania Toney ( Co- Vice president SFCAPC), Siddartha Shukla, Bilques Smith

Nouri Azouaou, Gus Murad, Bahya Murad

Nouri Azouaou, Gus Murad ( SF Small business commissioner) and his wife Bahya Murad

The pre-party for The San Francisco Child Abuse Protection Center ‘s (SFCAPC) 10th annual luncheon at the Yves Saint Laurent Store, in San Francisco
By Sophie Azouaou
- © 2007 SophiSticate Interiors

On April 19, Yves Saint Laurent store in Maiden Lane, held a cocktail party hosted by Jeana Toney, luncheon chair and Co- Vice President, SFCAPC Board of Directors to celebrate a decade of support to SFCAPC.

Thirty years ago a handful of dedicated of people formed the Child Abuse Council (CAC). Dr Moses Grossman, former chief of Pediatrics at San Francisco General Hospital who saw a heartbreaking need for community involvement in preventing child abuse came up with the idea.

Nearly a decade later the dream to house all of the Child Abuse Prevention Services for SF in one place became a reality and the Children Abuse Prevention Society  (CAPS) was founded as a group of people had raised enough funds to buy a building. 

 A restored firehouse was purchased to house the 2 separate agencies (Talk Line Family Support Center and CAC) under one roof. In 1997, the direct and indirect services provided by both agencies, the Child Abuse Prevention Council and the Talk Line Family Support joined together to establish the SFCAPC.

In 1998 SFCAPC hosted its first benefit luncheon to raise funds for the center and increase awareness about child abuse prevention and education. Ten years later the operating budget has reached $ 2.1 million.

The SFCAPC is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, the promotion of healthy families and the mental health of children.

SFCAPC is very grateful that a Luxury Fashion Brand such as Yves Saint Laurent, who is known worldwide, has been able to support the cause from the beginning", says Jeana Toni Co- Vice President of SFCAPC.
The YSL House was established in 1962 by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent, who at age 21 was put in charge of saving  the Dior House from financial ruin.  Shortly after this success he suffered a nervous breakdown and was released from Dior.

It was a turning point in his life. He then decided to start his own label.
Almost thirty years later, the YSL House was sold to the pharmaceuticals company Sanofi in 1992.

In 1999, Gucci bought the YSL brand and Tom Ford designed the Ready-to-Wear collection while Saint-Laurent designed the Haute Couture collection.

He  retired in 1998 and the following year, suffering from poor health and problems with lead designer Tom Ford, Saint-Laurent and Gucci closed the illustrious couture house of YSL.

While the house no longer exists, the brand still survives through its parent company Gucci.

The pret-a-porter line is still being produced under the direction of Stefano Pilati after Tom Ford retired in 2004.

Sophie Azouaou, Linda Cannon
(Co-Founder SF CAPC), Joel Goodrich

Caty Topham (Co- President of
SFCAPC Board) and Sophie Azouaou

Over one hundred twenty five guests comprised of San Francisco finest and supporters of SFCAPC attended the party at theYSL store.

The YSL store was decorated for the event with Artists’s renderings of the “Downtown handbag”, similar to those of the luncheon invitation (to take place Friday the 30th).

Jeana Toney  Host and Co-Vice
President of SFCAPC Board carrying
“the Downtown Handbag”

The Downtown Cocktail

The decor spoke of French elegance: all shelvings in the store were subtly covered in beautiful, soft violet fabric. Deep purple tulip floral arrangements and violet diptyque candles were displayed throughout the store.

The diffused lights and music especially created for the occasion by Michel Gaubert  (of Hotel Costes) added the final touch to this superbly decorated and planned event.

Champagne and a special cocktail called the “Downtown” garnished with a candied violet were served. Guests were eager to discover the new YSL collection and the “ Downtown bag” , a percentage of all the proceeds from the evening’s sales was donated to SFCAPC.

Nouri Azouaou, Dennis Flynn, Sophie Azouaou, Afsaneh Akhtar

Justin Fichelson, Sophie
Azouaou, Lorenzo Hill

Host Jeana Toney was very happy with the turn out  “It is wonderful to have a famous, luxury brand such as YSL embrace such a cause. It gets the message to a large group of people. If we do not speak up and bring the issues, it continues and goes underground” she says. Child abuse is a very difficult thing to talk about, it being a cause makes it easier. This is how we can help,”  she adds.

Everybody left looking forward to the big 10th anniversary luncheon to take place tomorrow  at the Four Seasons Hotel and to the fabulous raffles and auction that will help raise even more funds for this good cause.

  • Elaine Lozano, Boutique  Manager, YSL
  • Jo-Ann  Rose, President  of Board of Directors, San Francisco Child Abuse Society (CAPS)
  • Jeana Toney, Co-Vice President of  the Board of Directors (SFCAPC)
  • Cathy Topham, Co-President of  the Board of Directors (SFCAPC)
  • Lorraine Cohen,  Co-President of the Board of Directors (SFCAPC)
  • Claudia Cividino, Vice  President of Retail and Director of Stores, YSL



 “We are working together to create a community that really cares” concludes Jeana Toney.


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