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The United States Premiere of the Barleve Collection in San Francisco
By Sophie Azouaou
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San Francisco Sentinel , Friday April 6,, 2007

On March 29th, Monica and Peter Walsh owners of Manika Jewelry Store, in San Francisco, launched The Barleve Collection.

" Mani" in Sanskrit means "jewel" and in Hindi means "Ruby. "Manika" is a playful way to incorporate the name of the owner… Monica Walsh.

Founded in 2006, the Company's goal is to provide its clients with an optimal gallery-like environment in which to see and purchase one-of-a-kind jewelry by leading local designers such as Susan Spiedel, Claire Ullman and David Hesteon to name a few.

The event was managed by Cross Marketing, a well respected Marketing, PR and Design Company owned by Claudia Ross.

The Barleve Collection was created by famous Jewelry Designer and Artist Ehud Barleve who grew up on a kibbutz in Northern Israel and developed an early appreciation of nature.

Ehud was exposed to metal forging and shaping tools most of his youth. With a major in Art from the University of Tel Aviv, he was first a Sculptor and Painter before becoming a Jewelry Designer.

His love affair started during a trip in " Crete" Greece, where he became fascinated by the beauty of the antique 24K Gold jewelry and decorative items worn and used by Kings and Queens.

Barleve realized that 24K gold was a timeless substance and a powerful one, valued by civilizations around the world.

He was also inspired by the landscapes of the Mediterranean shores. A second trip to Crete was the turning point. It was then that he decided to create jewelry made of 24 K Gold

Barleve works exclusively with the pure form of precious metals. "All pieces are hand made and one of a kind. They are modern yet elegant, and for women of all ages", says Ehud Barlev.

Using 22 K or 24 K Gold and pure silver, his designs reflect a natural fluidity that brings about the most glorifying qualities of the metals." I fell in love with pure gold and was inspired by the fire", comments Ehud.

"Each piece has a unique shape and texture. Creating jewelry brings out the loving side in me", adds the artist.

Guests were eager to know more about the collection and enjoyed themselves.
The event was attended by people who genuinely appreciate and enjoy jewelry.

Manika Jewelry store is located at 11 Maiden Lane, San Francisco
Phone: 415.399.1990


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