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The 2007 opening event of The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco
"Inside The Luxury Home", a Seminar by Steve Nobel

By Sophie Azouaou - © 2007 SophiSticate Interiors
San Francisco Sentinel , Monday March 16, 2007

Founded in 1994 by Gregory J. Furman, former senior vice president of Bergdorf Goodman, the Luxury Marketing Counsel, a business organization of CEOs and senior sales and marketing practitioners, is the global leader in the fast-growing arena of luxury marketing. It has set the "gold standard" for exploring the best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace.

With many chapters throughout the world and 600 leading global and regional members, The Luxury Market Council conducts an extensive program of seminars and events through out the year.

Just recently, on February 22, the Luxury Market Council of San Francisco invited Steve Nobel, the co-founder of the recently launched "Luxury Home Alliance" to be the featured speaker for their 2007 opening event held at the Gaul Searson Showroom in the San Francisco Design Center.

Hosts Al Nucifora, Chairman of The luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco and his wife, Debbie, greeted all one hundred twenty guests.

Attendees were members of The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco and their guests, comprised of representatives from the design community, including interior designers, architects, realtors and contractors.

Guest speaker, Steve Nobel an expert in the field of interior design is the founder and principal of NOBELINKS, a consulting business specializing in the markets for home furnishings, decorative fabrics and interior design. He's been a worldwide and respected leader in the home furnishings market for over 20 years.

"Inside the Luxury Home" was the topic of the seminar.

Based on his book "Aiming at Affluence; Marketing Interior Design to Luxury Clients," in which he presents key insights into the opportunity Interior Designers can seize to practice successfully in the luxury market, Steve shared during the seminar key information and effective strategies.

He explained how with the maturing of the baby boomers, and the growing power of the young and wealthy, a big portion of the spending by this affluent group goes into home improvement.

He explored why the affluent spend and invest in their homes, their reasons behind it and talked about the "stemming" of those motives and the elements that influence their decisions.

Then, Nobel provided an overview of why the rich spend money on luxury items such as state of the art appliances, high end window treatments and furnishings to name a few.

Due to the fact that this segment of the population spends a substantial amount of money into the home category, many leaders in the home fashion industry are catering to its needs by offering more novel luxury products and services.

As a result many new high end furniture, interior design and home improvement companies are emerging and are being very creative.

He showed the endless opportunities that exist for the professionals who target these wealthy clients.

Steve finally discussed why the marketing principles related to the home can also be applied to other luxury professional services such as real estate and any brands that market professional services to the affluent, and answered several questions from the audience.

The seminar was educational and informative. Attendees left motivated by the new strategies Steve Nobel had unveiled to them.

More about Steve Weber:
Steve was an owner and president of The John Widdicomb Company, maker and marketer of fine furniture worldwide including such significant licensed collections as Mario Buatta and Jacques Grange. He also served as Managing Director of Baker, Knapp and Tubbs, Ltd. in London.


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