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Center piece on table
at Fairmont Hotel

Sophie and hostess Anna Alioto

Beautiful plants and flowers

Guests finishing a centerpiece

Anna Alioto w/ guest

The art of giving a little bit of your time for a "Green" cause
By Sophie Azouaou - © 2007 SophiSticate Interiors
San Francisco Sentinel , Monday March 8, 2007

Anna Alioto, Development Officer at Hidden Villa and third generation of a distinguished Bay Area family gathered a group of forty amazing women and the National Charity League at the Hidden Villa in Los Altos.

These career women from Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers to Teachers were there for one simple reason: to attend a workshop, yet donate their time and make eighty Green and Eco friendly centerpieces for the San Francisco Commonwealth Club Awards in Green and sustainable energy held at the Fairmont Hotel on February 22nd.

Except for two ladies who owned a floral shop in the past, none of us knew where to start or what to do.

We donned our garden gloves, armed ourselves with clippers and looked expectantly to our famous guest San Francisco Designer and Event Producer Robert Fountain.

Under Robert's supervision and guidance the work began.
Each table was assigned
a centerpiece theme.

Within minutes there was a flurry of activity in the room and it smelled of wonderful Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary.

In the spirit of “keeping it green”, all plants and flowers that were used to create the centerpieces such as Eucalyptus, Kumquats, Cherry Blossoms and Camellias to name a few, came from the Hidden Villa's beautiful gardens.

All other floral supplies used such as candles and chicken wire came from recycled materials.

With Robert's patience and a little creativity our goal was soon achieved. Before our eyes basic and common plants had turned into “masterpieces”.

Over eighty “green” centerpieces had been made and were ready to be delivered to the Fairmont Hotel.

The centerpieces were 100% donated of course and saved the organization around $1,500.00.

Lunch prepared with care by hostess Anna Allioto was served shortly after, it was time to mingle and get to know one another.

We shared how proud we were to have contributed to such a good cause and the fact that Robert Fountain the “creator” of fantasy-like worlds for the San Francisco Ballet and Opera opening nights had played a big part in making this event a success!


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